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Yearly Meeting committees and Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees

Yearly Meeting, Meeting for Sufferings

Yearly Meeting delegates to Meeting for Sufferings, as its standing representative body (7.027.03) in the intervals between Yearly Meetings, deliberation, discernment and the oversight of our corporate religious life. Meeting for Sufferings also receives regular interim reports for information and consultation (7.03) from Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees.

Meeting for Sufferings is largely (7.05.a, b, c & d) appointed by Yearly Meeting in session, to which it reports annually. Yearly Meeting in session remains the final constitutional authority (6.12), to which both Meeting for Sufferings and Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees are accountable.

Yearly Meeting entrusts to Trustees the organisation and periodic revision of the structure of certain committees (8.06, 8.17). However, it reserves to itself decisions affecting the existence and basic functions of Quaker Life and Quaker Peace & Social Witness Central Committees (8.07, 8.08, 8.11). The work they represent may not be altered without the approval of Yearly Meeting in session. In such cases any proposed amendments to our church government must, after due consideration by Meeting for Sufferings, be forwarded to Yearly Meeting for decision (8.17).

Meeting for Sufferings is the body which is entrusted with the general care of matters affecting the Yearly Meeting in its life and witness. It seeks to discern spiritual values and vision to guide Friends’ corporate commitment and actions.

Meeting for Sufferings has a particular care for discipline and church government, including the preparation of constitutional amendments for Yearly Meeting in session to consider.


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