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Yearly Meeting committees

Yearly Meeting Gatherings

Yearly Meeting Gathering aims to be an integrated, inclusive, inspiring and accessible event which provides the context for Yearly Meeting in session. It will enable the creation of a diverse and varied community, a community which upholds and affirms Friends in their concerns and which provides a wide range of opportunities for learning and engaging corporately and individually with the themes of the gathering and the business of the Yearly Meeting.

Specifically, the aims of Gatherings, in addition to taking the Yearly Meeting’s business, are:

  1. to strengthen and support the witness and activity of Friends by continuing the personal friendships, spiritual inspiration and momentum that residential gatherings provide;
  2. to provide time, at a more leisurely pace than is normally possible during London-based Yearly Meeting, for the exploration of those issues and concerns which by their nature require such time;
  3. to provide the space for exploration of issues and concerns in groups or other diverse ways;
  4. to provide the time and facilities for study and real learning;
  5. to involve as many Friends and attenders of all ages as possible in active participation; this should include activities for all ages.

Attendance at a Yearly Meeting Gathering is open to all Friends and attenders by application, within the numerical limits agreed beforehand.

The events are organised by a Yearly Meeting Gathering Planning Committee appointed as a subcommittee by Yearly Meeting Agenda Committee, which retains the planning of Yearly Meeting sessions (6.18). A copy of the terms of reference of the Planning Committee may be obtained on application to the Recording Clerk.

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