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Yearly Meeting committees

Agenda Committee

The planning of the agenda for, and the use of the premises during, Yearly Meeting shall be in the hands of the Yearly Meeting Agenda Committee, which shall consult as may be necessary with standing committees, area meetings and General Meeting for Scotland, Crynwyr Cymru – Quakers in Wales and Young Friends General Meeting.

The membership of the Agenda Committee shall be as follows:

  1. the clerk and assistant clerks of Yearly Meeting together with any other Friend nominated by Central Nominations Committee to serve as clerk or assistant clerk of the next Yearly Meeting;
  2. eighteen Friends appointed by Yearly Meeting for a three-year period on the recommendation of Central Nominations Committee, one third retiring annually though eligible for re-appointment;
  3. where necessary, interim appointments shall be made by Meeting for Sufferings on behalf of Yearly Meeting, on the recommendation of Central Nominations Committee.

Agenda Committee shall:

  1. appoint such subcommittees of its members as are from time to time required;
  2. appoint annually three or more of its members to serve on Arrangements Committee (6.20).

Agenda Committee appoints a subcommittee responsible for planning residential Yearly Meeting Gatherings, having consulted with Central Nominations Committee and appropriate area meetings.

Agenda Committee works closely with Meeting for Sufferings, the standing committees and Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees to promote the right holding of Yearly Meeting, to foster Agenda Committee’s relationship with them, and to integrate the work of the committee into the budgeted programme of central work of Britain Yearly Meeting. It keeps under review the longer-term evolution of the institution of Yearly Meeting in session and the pattern of its gatherings over time, in relation to organisational and spiritual development in the life of the Society. Its terms of reference may be obtained on application to the Recording Clerk.

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