Chapter 8 » 8.07

Oversight of the centrally managed work

Constitutions of standing committees appointed by Meeting for Sufferings

These standing committees are accountable to Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees for formulating and presenting policy for their areas of work in accordance with the long-term framework approved by Meeting for Sufferings (7.02). They determine priorities for, monitor, and evaluate the work within their areas of responsibility. Each committee is also responsible for:

  1. establishing functional committees and working groups as required and reviewing their work (8.04). Standing committees are responsible for appointing all such subsidiary bodies, determining their respective terms of reference and membership within the overall guidance on nominations (see b. below & 3.233.25 & 7.07);
  2. establishing an effective nominations committee, working closely with the Central Nominations Committee (6.21) as appropriate;
  3. keeping Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees (and through them, Meeting for Sufferings) informed about significant matters arising from its area of responsibility;
  4. considering any matters that Meeting for Sufferings or Trustees refer to it for urgent attention and action. (See also 8.23).

Terms of reference for all committees may be obtained on application to the Recording Clerk.

The existence and basic functions of Quaker Life and Quaker Peace & Social Witness may not be altered except with the approval of Yearly Meeting (8.18). The more detailed outline of the work of the committees described below may change to reflect the emphasis given by Meeting for Sufferings, Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees and the standing committees.

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