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Oversight of the centrally managed work

Quaker Life Central Committee

Quaker Life Central Committee’s purpose is to support and strengthen Quaker life throughout the yearly meeting, a remit which covers faith and practice: both spiritual nurture and the practical tasks required for the running of our Quaker meetings. It is responsible to Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees for support, advice and training in the following areas:

  1. the right holding of meeting for worship and meetings for church affairs, including for those taking special responsibilities as clerks, for eldership, oversight and pastoral care;
  2. other aspects of support for meetings, such as for meeting employees and trustees on compliance and good practice in Quaker employment, for librarians, for registering officers, for nominations work or in other ways;
  3. spiritual development and religious learning, both with and for adults and children and young people, including membership matters, publications and providing opportunities to empower meetings and individual Friends so as to deepen their spiritual lives and refresh their sense of vitality;
  4. the outreach activities of Friends in their meetings, and for those seeking information about Quakers.

Where appropriate, it responds to meetings’ requests to work with them directly. It seeks to build the wider Quaker community by involving as many Friends as possible directly in its processes, working through the staff of the Quaker Life Department, its functional committees and working groups, its Representative Council and the Quaker Life Network. It also operates Swarthmoor Hall and the Library of the Society of Friends, the Quaker Centre and bookshop at Friends House. It is responsible for the holding of Junior Yearly Meeting.

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