Chapter 16 » 16.20

Summary of procedure

The registering officer must:

  1. ensure (unless it is not area meeting policy) that a meeting for clearness is appointed according to the procedure agreed by the area meeting (16.3716.39);
  2. ensure in England and Wales that the pertinent certification is in the hands of the superintendent registrar(s) for those intending to join in marriage who are not in membership (16.29 & 16.33);
  3. arrange for the giving of public notice of the intended marriage in the meeting or meetings to which the couple belong or which they usually attend (16.31);
  4. ensure that the relevant meeting for church affairs appoints the meeting for worship at which the marriage will take place (16.32, 16.4116.45);
  5. ensure that the wording and format of the Quaker marriage certificate comply with our regulations (16.57);
  6. arrange for notice of the intended meeting for worship to be given in accordance with 16.47;
  7. arrange for the solemnisation of the marriage at the meeting for worship (16.4916.56);
  8. immediately after the meeting for worship arrange for the appropriate signing of the schedule (16.61);
  9. report the completion of the marriage to the area meeting (16.63).
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