Chapter 16 » 16.29

Detailed marriage procedure

Action by registering officers

The registering officer, acting on behalf of the area meeting, has the responsibility for granting permission to non-members to be joined in marriage according to our usage (see ), noting the different procedures followed in England and Wales and in Scotland.

The registering officer, if assenting to the application, shall, if the marriage is to be solemnised in England or Wales, issue a certificate (form D) granting permission for marriage to be solemnised according to the usage of the Society in Britain to each of the couple getting married and resident in England or Wales. If the couple have to give notice to different superintendent registrars, this certificate should be issued in duplicate for each such person not in membership (see 16.33).

The issuing of this certificate to non-members is not required for marriages to be solemnised in Scotland.

If the registering officer does not accede to the application, he or she shall refer the matter to the area meeting, which may grant or refuse the application at its discretion. If the area meeting grants the application, the registering officer shall proceed. If the area meeting refuses the application, the clerk shall inform the couple in writing immediately.

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