Chapter 16 » 16.57

Recording of marriages

Quaker certificate of marriage

This certificate is prepared beforehand with the wording in 16.58 or 16.59, and is to be signed during the meeting by each of the couple with their surnames used immediately prior to marriage. All languages spoken in the declarations must normally be transcribed in full on the certificate. Directly after it has been signed by at least two of those present as witnesses, it is to be read audibly by the registering officer or other suitable Friend. Others present at the marriage who have witnessed the declarations are encouraged to sign the certificate after the conclusion of the meeting. Templates of this certificate in English in scroll form may be obtained from the Quaker Centre Bookshop at Friends House. Specially created certificates are also acceptable; all certificates should be agreed with the registering officer well in advance of the ceremony.

The certificate should be signed and read either immediately after the declarations have been made or towards the close of the meeting.

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