Chapter 6 » 6.06

Purposes and functions

The agenda may comprise:

  1. minutes from area meetings, General Meeting for Scotland, Crynwyr Cymru – Quakers in Wales or Young Friends General Meeting, and minutes or memoranda from standing committees appointed by Meeting for Sufferings sharing with the yearly meeting as a whole some concern which has their united support;
  2. proposals for amendments to our book of discipline forwarded by Meeting for Sufferings or Yearly Meeting Agenda Committee in accordance with the process currently approved; details of this process may be obtained on application to the Recording Clerk;
  3. a report of the proceedings of Meeting for Sufferings during the year (6.25) including a certification that every part of Britain Yearly Meeting is producing proper financial accounts and property records (14.36);
  4. the annual report of Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees and audited financial statements for the preceding year (6.25);
  5. the tabular statement (6.07);
  6. the report of the Agenda Committee (6.18);
  7. testimonies to the grace of God in the lives of deceased Friends, forwarded by area and general meetings;
  8. epistles received from other yearly meetings and other Friends’ bodies, reminding us of our membership in a world family of Friends;
  9. subjects initiated by the Agenda Committee (6.18)

Items b, c, d and e are presented for consideration and acceptance, the Trustees’ annual report and financial statements having been approved and forwarded by Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees (8.03).

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