Chapter 6 » 6.06

Purposes and functions

The agenda may comprise:

  1. minutes from area meetings, General Meeting for Scotland, Meeting of Friends in Wales or Young Friends General Meeting, and minutes or memoranda from standing committees appointed by Meeting for Sufferings sharing with the yearly meeting as a whole some concern which has their united support;
  2. proposals for amendments to our book of discipline forwarded by Meeting for Sufferings or Yearly Meeting Agenda Committee in accordance with the process currently approved; details of this process may be obtained on application to the Recording Clerk;
  3. a report of the proceedings of Meeting for Sufferings during the year (6.25);
  4. the annual report of Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees and audited financial statements for the preceding year (6.25);
  5. the tabular statement (6.07);
  6. the report of the Agenda Committee (6.18);
  7. testimonies to the grace of God in the lives of deceased Friends, forwarded by area and general meetings;
  8. epistles received from other yearly meetings and other Friends’ bodies, reminding us of our membership in a world family of Friends;
  9. subjects initiated by the Agenda Committee (6.18);
  10. the report of the Quaker Stewardship Committee, cer­tifying that every part of Britain Yearly Meeting is producing proper financial accounts and property records (14.28).

Items b, c, d, e and j are presented for consideration and acceptance, the Trustees’ annual report and financial statements having been approved and forwarded by Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees (8.03).

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