Chapter 6 » 6.25


Yearly Meeting committees


Any communication to the Yearly Meeting from an area meeting, from General Meeting for Scotland, Crynwyr Cymru – Quakers in Wales, London Quakers Property Trust or Young Friends General Meeting shall be in the form of a minute signed by their clerk, as shall communications from Meeting for Sufferings and from committees of the Yearly Meeting.

The Agenda Committee, in arranging the subjects to be brought before Yearly Meeting, is encouraged to prepare concise but lucid memoranda which can be printed in documents in advance and circulated in ample time to allow not only for individual study but for discussion in local meetings.

The Proceedings of the Yearly Meeting comprise documents in advance, including the annual report of Meeting for Sufferings, the Trustees’ annual report and financial statements for the preceding year, the tabular statement, the report of the Agenda Committee, testimonies to the grace of God in the lives of deceased Friends, the epistles received from other yearly meetings and Friends’ bodies, and the printed minutes of Yearly Meeting.

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