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It is advised that the following be preserved in Friends’ ownership or custodianship:

  1. minute books of yearly, general, area and local meetings;
  2. minute books of elders and overseers and of standing committees of meetings for church affairs;
  3. official registers of members (11.37), printed lists of members and attenders (11.39), marriage registers (16.62), registers of burials (17.12), burial ground plans (14.31), registers of properties and trusts (15.18);
  4. such other documents as it is reasonable to expect may be needed for future reference.

It is an essential part of the stewardship of the meeting’s assets that the custodian should maintain a full catalogue of records and where they are located, whether kept in meeting house safes or strongrooms or elsewhere. It is advised that area meetings should check the accuracy and completeness of their catalogues at least triennially.

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