Chapter 16 » 16.62

Recording of marriages

Reporting to the civil authorities

Official civil certificates

For marriages in England and Wales, a registering officer shall, if required, issue a certificate, which is the certified copy of any entry in any of the marriage registers of the area meeting by which he or she is appointed. For this a fee may be payable. The procedures for doing so are given in the Handbook for registering officers. In Scotland, application should be made to the district registrar for extracts of the marriage register.

The General Register Office holds a central copy of all registrations of marriage or civil partnership for England and Wales over six months old, and certificates may be ordered online. Advice on obtaining extracts of marriage or civil partnership registers in Scotland can be found on the website of the National Records of Scotland.

All these are the official certificates of marriage or civil partnership, necessary for official purposes.

It is important to distinguish between the traditional Quaker certificate of marriage, which has no legal standing, and the official certificate of marriage, which is a certified copy of an entry in the appropriate registers.

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