Chapter 11 » 11.08

Becoming a member

Stages of the process

Nurture and support

Meetings have a responsibility to nurture and support individuals of all ages so that they can develop a sense of belonging and an understanding of our shared beliefs, testimonies and spiritual discipline.

Nurture is a continuing process for all who come to our meetings whether or not they decide to consider membership. Each area meeting will have its own ways of approaching this. For example, they may provide attenders’ packs for information and literature about membership, there may be special nurturing or supporting Friends or there may be an attenders’ group.

Some area meetings have adopted alternative arrangements and procedures by which they carry out the responsibilities of overseers. In such cases, the following paragraphs should, where applicable, be interpreted according to whatever procedures the area or local meeting has in place: 11.09, 11.21, 11.22, 11.25, 11.29, 11.31, 11.38, 11.40.

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