Chapter 11 » 11.09

Becoming a member

Stages of the process

Nurture and support

Overseers should be sensitive to the needs of attenders, including children and young people, and, when the time is right, encourage a consideration of membership (see 12.13). Part of this encouragement, which need not necessarily result in an application, could include the provision of formal or informal discussion groups and suggestions about relevant reading. Many meetings have found it helpful to present applicants with a copy of our book of discipline or other relevant book, either during the application process or when the application has been accepted by the area meeting. Whatever the method or moment selected, it is important for the applicant to become familiar, as appropriate, with our discipline: for example, meetings for church affairs are a part of the life of the meeting, and applicants should be alive to the reasons we conduct our affairs the way we do and the importance of playing an active role in them.

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