Chapter 11 » 11.25

Transferring membership

Transfer of membership: procedure

Responsibilities of overseers

Contact should be made with the Friend concerned as soon as a certificate of transfer has been received. Overseers are responsible for advising the area meeting with regard to the transfer.

In some rare cases, a receiving area meeting may object to the transfer. It is expected that this will be done only in exceptional circumstances. Area meetings are reminded that, though a Friend may have taken little or no part in the life of the meeting, even for many years, their move may prove an occasion for renewed participation in the life of the Society.

Nevertheless, a meeting may properly return a certificate of transfer:

  1. where it seems clear that the Friend will not become part of the receiving area meeting;
  2. where in the view of the receiving area meeting the Friend is likely to remain, or to become, more closely associated with the issuing meeting or another;
  3. where in the view of the receiving area meeting the issuing area meeting should consider whether termination of membership may prove to be more appropriate.

It may be desirable that the overseers of the issuing meeting write to the clerk to the overseers of the receiving meeting giving such information as may seem useful.

Overseers are reminded that where information is supplied in confidence the Friend concerned has the right under data protection legislation to see any correspondence (see 4.45).

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