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Britain Yearly Meeting and the world family of Friends

Quaker World Relations Committee

Quaker World Relations Committee (QWRC) is accountable to Britain Yearly Meeting through Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees. QWRC is responsible for promoting understanding of the different forms of Quakerism practised worldwide today.

Within Britain Yearly Meeting, QWRC’s role is to provide a space for knowledge sharing across the yearly meeting and for wider collaborative engagement in the work of QWRC. The committee liaises with Quaker Life and Quaker Peace & Social Witness central committees, the Quaker Committee for Christian & Interfaith Relations and others on matters of common concern, and in furtherance of the relationship between all of Britain Yearly Meeting and the worldwide community of Friends. QWRC aims to support Britain Yearly Meeting and its constituent parts in engaging in international relationships with other yearly meetings and Quaker organisations around the world.

QWRC advises Britain Yearly Meeting on the nature of the relationship between yearly meeting and Friends World Committee for Consultation (including its Europe & Middle East Section), and advises Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees on the financial support needed by those bodies from Britain Yearly Meeting.

QWRC, being Britain Yearly Meeting representatives to Friends World Committee for Consultation, and being informed on matters of concern to Britain Yearly Meeting, reviews the outcomes of its work in this area and reports its conclusions annually to Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees.

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