Chapter 8 » 8.20

Governance and management of the centrally managed work

Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees

Employment of staff

Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees employ staff in order to service the centrally managed work. The staff provide many of the resources and much of the expertise required to carry out Britain Yearly Meeting’s work effectively in a manner consistent with Friends’ testimonies and beliefs. Much prepara­tory, ongoing and follow-up work falls to the staff, and they need the full support of all Friends.

Trustees ensure that staff working for Britain Yearly Meeting and committee members are treated fairly and do not ex­perience unjust discrimination. Staff and committee members should strive to ‘answer that of God in everyone’ by working as a community which fosters a spirit of toleration and mutual concern for each other. In carrying out the work of Britain Yearly Meeting, respect for truth and integrity should be paramount so that high ethical standards are maintained.

Most staff are based at Friends House in London. A description of the departmental structure can be obtained from the Recording Clerk.

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