Chapter 8 » 8.10

Oversight of the centrally managed work

Quaker Life Central Committee

Representative council

Representative Council membership comprises:

    1. the appointed representative, or appointed deputy, of each area meeting within Britain Yearly Meeting;
    2. two representatives of each of General Meeting for Scotland, Crynwyr Cymru – Quakers in Wales and Young Friends General Meeting;
    3. the members of the central committee;
    4. the clerk of Britain Yearly Meeting and the clerk of Meeting for Sufferings ex officio;
    5. up to ten co-opted members.

The membership is reviewed triennially.

The representatives’ role is to strengthen the links between meetings and the central committee. They should:

  1. attend (or arrange for their deputy to attend) each meeting of the representative council – the area meeting or other appointing body will pay participation fees and reasonable travel expenses;
  2. bring news of meetings’ activities or needs to provide feedback to central committee and each other, helping to share good practice and to contribute to the discernment of priorities, ensuring that the centrally managed work is relevant and appropriate;
  3. take back and share with their meetings a deeper knowledge and commitment to the wider Quaker community and the breadth and depth of Quaker Life’s work;
  4. help to support the fundraising effort necessary to sustain Quaker Life’s work by increasing local and area meetings’ understanding and enthusiasm for it;
  5. keep in touch with any local members of the central committee.
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