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London Quakers Property Trust

London Quakers Property Trust is the successor body to Six Weeks Meeting, which dated back to 1671. Its main objective is to maintain, repair, preserve and insure the places of worship of its member area meetings, and their contents. London Quakers Property Trust, a registered charity, is a company whose founding members are seven London area meetings: Kingston & Wandsworth, London West, North East Thames, North London, North West London, South East London, and South London. The company board is made up of representatives appointed by each of the member area meetings and is accountable to these area meetings for the use, maintenance and stewardship of the assets and pooled funds that the company owns on their behalf. Quaker meeting houses within these area meetings are assets of London Quakers Property Trust. London Quakers Property Trust may communicate formally by minute with Meeting for Sufferings, and with Yearly Meeting through its agenda committee.

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