Chapter 5 » 5.07

Regional gatherings

Quaker gatherings or regional meetings may be set up by two or more area meetings, by a mix of area and local meetings, or by two or more general or regional meetings. The constituent meetings are those that choose to take the responsibility for organising and funding such gatherings or conferences. The members are the members of the sponsoring meetings. They may choose to change their status or area, or local meetings may wish to come together in different combinations to support the work and witness of Quakers in the area. If such changes are contemplated, or if a newly formed gathering is intended to have an ongoing structure and regular meetings, the Recording Clerk should be informed and appropriate guidance obtained from Quaker Life Central Committee.

All gatherings (including those that continue from pre-existing general meetings) must inform Yearly Meeting through Meeting for Sufferings of any substantial changes they may make including their setting up and laying down, and, if the latter, of how they intend to discharge or transfer their responsibilities and deposit their records. They should forward to the Recording Clerk the minute by which they are finally laid down.

Quaker groupings which are independent charities may need to register with the Charity Commission and should obtain advice from Quaker Stewardship Committee via the Recording Clerk.

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