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Area meetings

Disputes and disunity

Our meeting communities are not immune to conflict and we should be well prepared and willing to accept it and engage with it. In times of conflict we are required to show love and face our difficulties so that we can move forward together in unity. It will not always be possible to find conflict resolution and in such cases appropriate conflict transformation should be considered. Further guidance on conflict in meetings can be found in 10.2110.24 Conflict within the meeting.

Area meetings are recommended to appoint a group of experienced and knowledgeable Friends to give general assistance in the amicable settlement of disputes among Friends. If help or advice from outside the area meeting is needed, meetings should ask Quaker Life to suggest Friends and others able to give it. Techniques of problem-solving, mediation, counselling or meetings for clearness may be appropriate in particular instances where disputants wish to mitigate the consequences of confrontation. It should be borne in mind that Friends were among the pioneers of conflict resolution as a distinct activity and have constantly sought to promote reconciliation in the wider world.

See also 20.6720.75 Conflict

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