Chapter 4 » 4.04

Area meetings

Constitution and functions

Each area meeting should appoint members to serve as:

  • a clerk and assistant clerk, or Friends to share these responsibilities;
  • a treasurer;
  • a registering officer (see 16.10);
  • a nominations committee;
  • a body of trustees (see 15.02; 15.10);
  • a custodian of records or a committee for the purpose (see 4.39).

Meetings may when appropriate appoint a member of another area meeting, but in such cases advance consultation between the meetings is advisable, and the decision must be communicated by minute.

Area meetings are responsible for eldership and oversight and most will also appoint from their membership an appropriate number and distribution of elders and overseers (see 12.0512.06 and the notification requirements in 12.09).

The Recording Clerk should be kept informed also of the names and addresses of clerks, clerks to trustees, treasurers and registering officers.

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