Chapter 27 » 27.11

Friends and other faiths

‘What think ye of Christ?’ is central both in our relationships with other religions and in our relationship with one another within the Society of Friends… We are truly loyal to Jesus Christ when we judge the religious systems of the world by the standard which he himself used: ‘Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord … but he that doeth the will of my Father’. Every tree is to be known by its fruits: not by its dead wood or thorns or parasites, but by the fruit of its own inner life and nature. We all know the fruits of the Spirit and recognise the beauty of holiness in our own ancestral tree… The flowers of unselfish living may be found growing in other people’s gardens and … rich fruits of the Spirit may be tasted from other people’s trees. They spring from the same Holy Spirit of Truth, the same Seed of God, whose power moves us through Christ.

Marjorie Sykes, 1957

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