Chapter 26 » 26.59

The Light that shines for all

The Light of Christ

An awareness of older, lonely Friends grew in me with many hours spent visiting, and I felt able to volunteer for work with the Children’s Meeting, which I really enjoyed. Living where we did near all the symptoms of inner-city decay and change I had ample opportunity to feel the needs of those around us. This process of awareness culminated when I rather simply and naïvely asked God for a deeper understanding of Christ. I think I expected something rather comforting and lovely. Instead all the world’s suffering was gathered up in a moment and pressed upon me. It was quite searing, quite devastating. The experience gave me an understanding of Jesus as one deeply involved in our suffering and pain, actually experiencing it too, that God is not remote but that God is with us. Truly Emmanuel.

Rosamond Robertson, 1990

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