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Sharing a home or living alone

It is surely the fear of the unknown which holds Friends back. I am a heterosexual, married for 23 years, mother of children, and divorced. Only since moving to London have I come to have as close friends same-sex couples or singles, many of them members of the Society of Friends. As a divorcee I, like them, do not fit into the ‘norm’, and the hospitality, support and sheer caring I have received from them has often been in sharp contrast to that of ‘straight’ couples, who often seem too busy, or too embarrassed, to ask me to their homes in the evenings. I had many of the preconceptions others have. Thank God I have learnt differently, although I still undoubtedly make gaffes, as ignorance still dogs my words. Ignorance is excusable, but intolerance? Having known at first hand the desperate loneliness of being on one’s own, I can still only guess at the loneliness of many isolated lesbians and gays.

Margaret Glover, 1988

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