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Suffering and healing

When people ring us up for healing, they often ask, ‘Are you Christians?’ or, ‘Do you believe in Jesus and the God of love?’ We reply that we do believe in these things, and ask them what they believe in. Whatever they say, we can truthfully tell them, ‘Fine! Come for healing. We won’t try to change your beliefs. Healing can only make you a better Anglican, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist, Jew, Atheist or whatever you are.’ (Even better Quakers.)

In addition to its many religious forms, Healing also includes many arts and sciences. There is the art of listening, the art of smiling, the art of empathy, of knowing just what people need, and not rushing in to offer help that is not suitable. Then there is the healing that comes through prayer in its various forms, through the laying on of hands, through music and dance, painting and colour, through communion with and understanding of the world of nature, and through friendship.

Jim Pym, 1990

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