Chapter 20 » 20.21

The source of our strength

It is in my heart to praise thee, O my God;

let me never forget thee,

what thou hast been to me:


In the night, by thy presence in the

day of trial when I was beset in darkness,

when I was cast out as a wandering bird,

and when I was assaulted with strong temptations,

then thy presence in secret did preserve me,

and in a low estate I felt thee near me.


When the floods sought to sweep me away

Thou set a compass for them,

how far they should pass over;


When my way was through the sea,

and when I passed under the mountains

there was thou present with me;


When the weight of the hills was upon me

thou upheld me, else had I sunk

under the earth;


When I was as one altogether helpless,

when tribulation and anguish was upon me

day and night, and the earth

without foundation;


When I went on the way of wrath,

and passed by the gates of hell,

when all comforts stood afar off,

and he that is mine enemy had dominion;

when I was cast into the pit,

and was as one appointed to death;

when I was between the millstones,

and as one crushed with the weight

of his adversary,


As a father thou was with me

and the rock of thy presence.

James Nayler, 1659

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