Chapter 2 » 2.43

Meeting for worship

The individual in meeting

‘Where two or three’, saith our Lord, ‘are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them’ (Mt 18:20). In these words he … invites us not only to meet one with another but, in so doing, with himself also… Shall the poor perishing gratifications of sense and self-love, or any inconveniences of a trivial nature, be suffered to prevent our dutiful attendance upon him, in whom alone stands our everlasting interest? Shall a cloudy sky, a little wet, a little cold, a little ease to the flesh, a view to a little earthly gain, or any common incident, furnish an excuse for declining this duty, and thereby depriving ourselves of the blessed advantage, often vouchsafed to the faithful, of enjoying heavenly communion together in spirit with the Lord of life and glory?

Yearly Meeting in London, 1765

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