Chapter 19 » 19.56

An ordered people

Both men’s and women’s meetings had a share in the oversight of marriage, great care being taken that all was in good order before the couple were liberated for their marriage. In 1688 the Women’s Yearly Meeting at York issued A testimony for the Lord and his Truth:

Friends, be not concerned in reference to marriage, out of God’s fear, but first wait to know your Maker to become your husband and the bridegroom of your souls… O Friends! This state is happy, and blessed are they that attain it and live in it; the Lord is not unmindful of them, but in his own time, if he see it good for them, can provide meet-helps for them. Then will your marriage be honourable, being orderly accomplished with the assent of parents and the unity of Friends and an honour to God and comfort to your own souls.

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