Chapter 19 » 19.52

An ordered people

In 1659 the Box Meeting of women Friends was set up in London. George Fox wrote:

And when I came to Gerard Roberts’ house about 8 in the morning there came in Sarah Blackbury to complain to me of the poor and how many poor Friends was in want. And the Lord had showed me what I should do in his eternal power and wisdom. So I spoke to her to bid about 60 women to meet me about the 1st hour in the afternoon at the sign of the Helmet at a Friend’s house, and they did so accordingly: such as were sensible women of the Lord’s truth and fearing God. And what the Lord had opened unto me I declared unto them concerning their having a meeting once a week every second-day, that they might see and inquire into the necessity of all Friends who was sick and weak and who was in wants, or widows and fatherless in the city and suburbs.

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