Chapter 19 » 19.45

A guided people

The testimonies


The conviction came to one Friend after another that war was inconsistent with Truth. William Dewsbury wrote:

At that time did the wars begin in this nation, and the men called ministers cried, ‘Curse ye Meroz, because they went not forth to help the Lord against the mighty’. Then I was willing to give my body to death, in obedience to my God, to free my soul from sin, and I joined with that little remnant which said they fought for the gospel, but I found no rest to my soul amongst them. And the word of the Lord came unto me and said, ‘Put up thy sword into thy scabbard; if my kingdom were of this world, then would my children fight’, which word enlightened my heart and discovered the mystery of iniquity, and that the Kingdom of Christ was within, and the enemies was within, and was spiritual, and my weapons against them must be spiritual, the power of God. Then I could no longer fight with a carnal weapon against a carnal man, and returned to my outward calling, and my will was brought in subjection for the Lord to do with me what his will was.

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