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Testimony concerning Hannah Chapman Backhouse (1787–1850):

It was early impressed upon her mind that it was her duty on all occasions to adopt the language and simple dress of a ‘Friend’. She has been frequently heard to allude to this period of her experience; she did not make the change in a spirit of blind conformity, or as a mere matter of expediency; but after having reflected seriously on the basis of our practice in these respects: and her unswerving stability herein arose from her being deeply and thoroughly convinced that, as it regards plainness of speech, it had its origin in a righteous principle of truth-speaking and Christian integrity; and that our testimony against the vain and ever varying fashions of the times, in dress and other matters, is the result … of that true liberty of soul in which the lowly disciple of Christ … is led to manifest in all his conduct and demeanour that he has no desire to be conformed to this world.

Darlington Monthly Meeting, 1851

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