Chapter 17 » 17.11



Burials in Friends’ burial grounds and interment and scattering of ashes

Area meetings possessing burial grounds are to appoint a Friend or Friends authorised to issue on behalf of the area meeting(s) an order for burial (or interment or scattering of ashes). Books of blank forms and counterfoils for these may be obtained from the Recording Clerk and forms obtained at the BYM website (new window). No grave is to be made, nor ashes interred or scattered, without such an order.

Immediately after the burial, or interment or scattering of ashes, the order is to be countersigned by a different Friend, witnessing that this has taken place. The countersigned order shall be presented at the next area meeting, which shall record the relevant facts in a minute. If the deceased was a member of another area meeting, the clerk shall transmit the information to the clerk of that area meeting.

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