Chapter 16 » 16.51

The Quaker marriage

Holding a meeting for worship for the solemnisation of marriage

Should the registering officer be prevented through illness or absence from home or any other cause from issuing or signing the Quaker marriage forms (see 16.25), he or she (or failing this the clerk of the area meeting) shall be at liberty to appoint any suitable Friend to act for him or her in these respects. It must be emphasised that this should not become a normal manner of proceeding.

If, in England and Wales, the registering officer should be prevented from being present at the solemnisation of the marriage, care shall be taken that the entries be, notwithstanding, duly made and signed by the couple and witnesses. The registering officer, having been satisfied of the regularity of the proceedings, shall afterwards add her or his signature. No person, not even a deputy or assistant registering officer, may sign the register in her or his place.

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