Chapter 16 » 16.26

Detailed marriage procedure

Action by the couple

The couple is required to complete a joint declaration of intention of marriage (form A) stating the time and place of the meeting for worship at which it is desired that the marriage be solemnised. If necessary the date, time and place of the marriage may be omitted when filling in this application form, but in such cases particulars should be sent to the registering officer as soon as possible. Before the application form is completed the registering officer should be satisfied that there is no evident difficulty in the intended marriage being held at the time and place proposed. The application form should be completed and returned (together with application for permission to be joined in marriage according to the usage of Friends (form B/C) (16.27) if appropriate) to the registering officer not less than ten weeks before the date of the intended marriage. Form A need not be signed by both people at the same time or in the presence of each other, but the signature of each person must be attested by one adult witness. The registering officer should meet with the couple to discuss their application and to give such advice and assistance as may be necessary. If this proves impossible, the registering officer should ask the registering officer of an area convenient for the couple to do this. The registering officer should also consider whether it would be helpful to meet each of the couple separately.

The couple must also fulfil all the legal requirements for a marriage, including ensuring that the appropriate civil authority to marry is received by the registering officer (16.3316.34). The holding of a meeting for clearness may be required of the couple as part of their preparation for marriage (16.3716.39).

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