Chapter 16 » 16.17

Summary of procedure

Quaker marriage is not an alternative form of marriage available to the general public, but is for members and those who, whilst not in formal membership, are in unity with its religious nature and witness. The Marriage Acts relating to England and Wales require this and our criteria apply equally in Scotland and elsewhere in the yearly meeting.

Anyone contemplating marriage according to the usage of Friends should at an early stage apply to the registering officer of the area meeting in the area in which it is intended that the marriage should take place. Ideally this should be at least six months before the intended marriage, and it must be not less than ten weeks beforehand, to give time for the necessary procedures to take place (see also 16.3316.40). The registering officer will supply the Quaker forms required (16.25).

For the solemnisation of marriages according to the usage of Friends it is not required that the premises should be registered for marriage.

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