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Trustees’ responsibility for the employment of staff

One of the responsibilities of trusteeship is the legal responsibility for employment of staff. Area meeting trustees hold this responsibility for all staff employed within the area meeting, including wardens, administrators, bookkeepers, caretakers, cleaners, gardeners and casual staff, and should ensure that they are properly overseen and supported in their work. For Britain Yearly Meeting staff, see 8.05.

Trustees should aim to live out Quaker testimonies and to meet the highest standards of integrity in their employment practice. From our testimonies springs commitment to fair treatment, and to valuing and developing each person.

Trustees should bear these principles in mind in developing and maintaining employment policies and procedures which should be consistent across the area meeting.

While trustees hold the legal responsibility, they may delegate tasks for the employment of individuals by the area meeting to local meetings or appropriate committees, including the terms and conditions of employment and the supervision and oversight of employees, as long as any change in staffing structure or of conditions of service has the prior approval of the trustees. If local meetings, or other bodies subordinate to area meetings, have their own employment policies and procedures, area meeting trustees should review, consult and amend them to ensure consistency.

Advice on employment responsibilities, on the required employment policies and procedures, plus tenancy and ‘licence to occupy’ written agreements, should be sought from Quaker Life.

See also 13.3613.40 Wardens.

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