Chapter 15 » 15.04

Trustees’ responsibility

Friends who accept service as trustees take on specific and personal responsibility, on behalf of the meeting, for the obligations that rest on all Friends.

The commandment that we love our neighbours manifests itself for trustees as a duty to ensure, among other things, that the meeting fulfils the requirements of health and safety and child protection. Our love is diminished if, through our carelessness, we let our neighbours suffer.

The obligation to ensure the right use of our corporate re-sources requires trustees to take and weigh and act upon expert advice on, for example, law and good practice in employment, building maintenance and investment. We do not serve the meeting well if, for instance, we lose the use of a meeting house – not because it is no longer needed and the money can be put to better use elsewhere, but because we have failed to keep it in good repair or to retain wardens or are forced to dispose of it to meet other unplanned commitments. See also 14.01, first paragraph.

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