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Quaker Stewardship Committee

The responsibilities of the committee shall be to:

  1. support treasurers and trustees in the service of their meetings through the stewardship of their finance and property;
  2. provide advice and guidance to meetings and other bodies within Britain Yearly Meeting;
  3. ensure that education and training are available to treasurers, trustees, independent examiners of accounts, and other Friends involved in finance and property matters;
  4. help to ensure that every part of Britain Yearly Meeting is producing proper financial accounts and property registers;
  5. certify the fulfilment of d annually to Yearly Meeting;
  6. enable meetings to act within the laws relating to charities and trusts;
  7. disseminate good practice;
  8. liaise with the statutory and other external bodies (e.g. the Charity Commission) on issues that affect all meetings and their associated bodies and recommend to Yearly Meeting any necessary changes in the umbrella arrangement or other matters affecting Friends’ charitable status;
  9. put relevant Quaker views to agencies and government departments, e.g. the Charity Commission for England and Wales, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, etc.

Terms of reference for the Quaker Stewardship Committee may be obtained on application to the Recording Clerk.

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