Chapter 14 » 14.11


How we pay for our concerns

Legacies to Britain Yearly Meeting, or to area or local meetings, form an important part of our income and Friends are urged to bear this in mind when making a will. It is most helpful if the legacy, whether to Britain Yearly Meeting or an area meeting, is left to be used as needed. Friends may wish to support particular concerns or a particular local meeting, but needs and circumstances can change and more detailed preferences are best expressed in an accompanying letter, to be complied with if possible, but not to be legally binding. The administration of all legacies to area and local meetings is a legal responsibility of area meeting trustees.

Advice about the wording of charitable bequests may be obtained from the Communication & Services Department to ensure that bequests, either a specific sum or a proportion of the residuary estate, will be received free of taxes as intended.

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