Chapter 14 » 14.08


Spending on our responsibilities and concerns

Our meetings may spend only on the charitable purposes described in our governing documents (15.1515.16) or, in the absence of such a document, on the purposes listed in 14.04. The people and organisations to which meetings pay money need not themselves be charities, provided that they are doing something that furthers our charitable purposes.

From time to time Friends may wish support to be given to causes which are not covered by our charitable purposes. The meeting may not use its charitable funds for these causes, but Friends may give as individuals on their own personal behalf as they feel led. If the meeting wishes to make a special collection amongst individual Friends for one of these causes, it will be acting as an agent for the beneficiary, and the money collected should be kept separate and passed expeditiously to the beneficiary. The same applies when any donations are given to the meeting for the sole purpose of passing on to another organisation.

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