Chapter 13 » 13.45

Quaker chaplains and prison visitors

Quaker chaplains

Quaker chaplains can be found in a variety of settings including prisons, secure units, universities, colleges, schools, hospitals and hospices, on the streets, in sports clubs and workplaces, often as part of an ecumenical or interfaith chaplaincy team. There is a difference between the role of Quaker chaplain and that of Quakers seeking to offer oversight or support Friends within an institution. Quaker chaplains may also do this but their role primarily is to offer a formal space for people of all faiths and none to explore the spiritual in a trustworthy relationship. Apart from prison chaplains, Quaker chaplains may be appointed either by the area meeting or by one of its local meetings according to local circumstances. The work may need support, both financial and spiritual, from the appointing meeting (see 12.27).

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