Chapter 13 » 13.12

Concern: faith in action

Responsibilities of individuals and meetings

The role of the meeting

The meeting which has considered a concern needs to be absolutely clear whether it is:

  1. recognising a concern seen as religiously valid;
  2. supporting the concern and accepting responsibility for its furtherance, including financial support where necessary (13.18);
  3. adopting the concern as one it shares, whereupon the concern becomes a concern of the whole meeting;
  4. recognising the concern and forwarding it with its support to a more widely representative meeting;
  5. forwarding it because the meeting is unable to reach a decision on the validity of the calling – in this case however it is likely that further preparation and consideration is preferable to forwarding it to another meeting at this stage;
  6. deciding that the matter before it is not a religiously valid concern.
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