Chapter 11 » 11.19

Transferring membership


It is necessary for the accuracy of the Society’s records and the effectiveness of its two-way communications, as well as for the convenience of the individual, that up-to-date records are kept.

Therefore it is important for each area meeting to know its members’ current addresses, phone numbers and email addresses (where used), particularly when members are moving geographically from one part of the Quaker community to another. After a move has taken place, it is desirable for membership to be held with the area meeting that covers the area in which the Friend is living.

The reciprocal nature of the relationship between members and their meetings means that, when changing address to the area covered by another area meeting, and when transferring membership to another area meeting, action is required both by the individual member and by the area meetings concerned.

Any part of the process may be conducted via electronic media. It is advisable that hard copies are made of such communication for the record.

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